Webkinz Shout

Webkinz Games

Name Similar to Retired? Trophy? Has a sequel?
Bananza   No No Yes- Tropical Troubles
Booger Gets an A   No Yes No
Candy Bash Breakout No Yes Yes- Candy Bash 2
Cash Cow Collapse No Yes Yes- Cash Cow 2
Color Storm   No No No
Dashing Dolphin   Yes No No
Dex Dangerous and the Lunar Lugbots   No No No
Get Eleven Solitaire   No No No
Go-Go Googles   No Yes No
Goober's Lab Bejeweled No Yes Yes- Atomicolitious
Hungry Hog Pac-Man No No Yes- Pinky's Big Adventure
Ice-Cap Adventure   Yes No No
Jazz Monsters   Yes No No
Lily Padz   No No No
Link'd Connect 4 No No No
Lunch Letters   No No No
Picnic Snake No No Yes- Ant Mania
Polar Plunge   No Yes No
Pumpkin Patch Protector   No No No
Quizzy's Word Challenge Boggle No No No
Skater Kat   Yes Yes No
Skunk Sweeper: Hide and Skunk Minesweeper No No No
Smoothie Moves Zuma No No No
Stack 'Em Up Solitaire Solitare No No Yes- Triple Strike Solitaire
Tile Towers Majhong No No No
Tulip Trouble   Yes No Yes- Tulip Trouble 2
Wacky Bingoz Bingo No No No
Wacky Zingoz Yetisports No Yes Yes- Wacky Zingoz Extreme
Wacky Zingoz: Bulls-eye Batter   No No No
Webkinz Mini-Golf   No No No
Wheel of Wow   No No No
Wishing Well   Yes No Yes- Wishing Well 2
Zacky's Quest Frogger No Yes No
Zingoz Bounce   No Yes No
Zingoz Bounce and Burst Buster Bros. No Yes No
Zingoz Pie Throw   No No No
Zingoz Pop Puzzle Bobble No Yes No

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